5 tools to help clients get organised

Are you working more hours just to get tasks done? Studies have shown that working more hours doesn't equate to being more productive and organised. 

In order to achieve maximum productivity in the focused hours of the work day and minimal cost, here are some useful tools that we use to get through the day, and highly recommend to our clients.

1. Asana - Pricing Free

Asana is a project and task management app that facilitates team communication and collaboration. 

Why do we love Asana

- We're able to upload an unlimited amount of projects, categorise individual tasks by columns and streamline workflows
- Assigning individual tasks to team members and converse via Asana
- Keep track of all deadlines via the calendar
- Upload files to the project
- Free for up to 15 team members

We definitely saved time by doing away with back-and-forth email conversations amongst colleagues, and important attachments that we may have missed through email. And it's free! 

2. Zapier - Pricing varies

Zapier connects various apps together in one platform to automate workflows, without having to open apps separately. 

Why do we love Zapier?
- 1000+ apps to choose from
- Create workflows to trigger and automate your daily tasks, for different functions like Sales, Marketing, Accounting, Administrative.
- Pricing is free for a 2-step workflow and $20/month for 3+ step workflow

No more hassle of missing out important attachments by clients via email and straight to our shared drive.

3. Pandadoc - Pricing varies

Pandadoc is an e-document management app that allows users to create, deliver, and share documents online and place their legally binding signatures for faster paperless transactions and processes. 

Why do we love Pandadoc?
- Do away with signing physical contracts
- Easy drag-and-drop fields for customised contracts
- Many templates to choose from, if you do not already have a standard contract. 
- Integrate with Xero for billing purposes
- Audit trail when client views and signs contract
- Pricing is $19 per month per user for up to 5 templates, and $39 per month per user for unlimited templates

As compared to the previous e-signing solutions that we have used, Pandadoc is by far the best, because of its convenience and easy-to-navigate interface. Reasonable pricing too! 

4. Toptal Tracker - Pricing Free

Toptal Tracker is a time-tracking app, which allows team members to track the amount of time spent on each project. 

Why do we love Toptal Tracker?
- Unlimited number of projects and users
- Track time for each team member in each project
- Timed screenshots to help clients and managers track work activity of team members
- Easy-to-generate timesheet reports for projects
- Pricing is free! 

For clients who work with freelancers, this would be a great add-on to keep track of hours utilised for projects. 

5. 9 Spokes - Pricing Free

9 Spokes is a highly intuitive and intelligent business dashboard that centralizes all your essential business data and presents them in a way that you prefer and easily understand.

Why do we love 9 Spokes?
- By connecting apps in one dashboard, you're able to gain insights to different metrics, from marketing to customer support, inventory and accounting
- Great for managing social media in one dashboard
- Pricing is free! 

As compared to opening different apps in a new browser tab, managing all our connected apps from one dashboard is definitely a time saver and convenient.